2010, a Minecraft show in one take

During winter break of 2010 a few friends gathered in a warm St. Louis, Missouri basement to enjoy their first break from a semester away at college. A TV and Xbox 360 played Halo and other things, and a computer in the corner had a blocky new game called Minecraft.

The friends had played it together once or twice, each finding the peculiar pixelated graphics to be less than appealing, but once they experienced the freedom the cube world offered they were hooked.

Their first Minecraft server from a year before was a mess of colors and creations some interesting, and most confusing.

Having fond memories of their first server, the friends were excited to play the newly released updates. With Halo on a TV nearby an idea was sparked. “What if we recorded a show within the world of Minecraft?”

All fans of Halo, the friend group were also fans of RoosterTeeth’s Red vs. Blue. Arguably the first ever machinima, RvB was a show filmed within the confines of the Halo games. Why not do the same with Minecraft?

In a large flat plane a set was built, block by block. Hills created as a backdrop, buildings for a small village, and a large dam complete with a reservoir of water.

A simple script was written, character skins created, and video was recorded. But the audio wouldn’t be recorded until the next summer when the friends got back together. At that time the script was lost to time and the audio would be recorded in 1 single take.

A hand built minecraft set, a simple story, and an wonderful ad libbed mess.

Seeing their creation take shape, even 6 months later prompted the friends to take things a step further. They proved to themselves a show could be filmed in Minecraft. Now they had a whole summer ahead to build something bigger.

Darren Koester