The Crew

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Darren Koester

Hi, my name is Darren Koester, see above. I have a strong passion for all things creative and have been creating content ever since I was a young boy. In fact, this whole journey began for me when I was playing Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

There is a cut scene before you go to the Shadow temple where Link encounters an invisible beast. There was something about that scene that really set off a fire in me. I remember calling my friend and leaving a message on his answering machine talking about how amazing that cut scene was, trying desperately to catch my breath. My guess is his mom came home, played the message and thought, "Geeze, this kid needs to chill." Then proceeded to delete it.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy our content!

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Chris Barton

Maker of music, player of guitar. Chris is a student of Audio Engineering snipping together songs and scoring the Limited Resources story. That cool guitar riff you heard at the end of the episode? Chris played it, left handed. Can you play it left handed? If you can, then Chris feels for you, because finding a quality left handed guitar is a real struggle, but well worth it. Because we all know, left handed guitars are the best guitars. And that's why Chris uses one.

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Ryan Bicknell

My name is Ryan, as I’m sure you can see from my title. I graduated from Webster University with a Bachelors degree in Videography and I enjoy telling stories through video and creating content that people can enjoy. I dare say I am good at it. I am the lead editor for Limited Resources, I machinimate the character Steven, and voice the character Forest. For fun I like to do nothing. Just kidding, I actually enjoy playing video games; either alone, with my girlfriend or with friends. I also enjoy spending time with my friends and going out and seeing the world. Food is also a love of mine, it just makes everything better. I am beyond happy to be apart of Somethingcubed and hope you enjoy our content as much as we enjoy making it!

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Marni Blackwell

Formality: My real name is Marilyn, but everyone calls me Marni. I’m not sure how you get Marni from Marilyn but uh, just go with it.
I am a nursing student currently in school for my RN degree with hopes of being a scrub nurse in an OR. I am acutely stressed and chronically tired. Naps are my favorite past time along with eating and baths. I also enjoy drawing/painting in my nonexistent free time. I am passionate about animals, the well-being of others, making a difference, food and dinosaurs. I do set design, skin design, and help machinimate for Limited Resources. I also am the unofficial chef for the crew of Somethingcubed. Being apart of something so unique and creative is exciting and I love every second of it!


Sam Clark

Hi there.

I am Sam.I am Sam.Sam I am.


Although I don’t actually enjoy Green Eggs in Ham, I am obligated to acknowledge their existence. As a card carrying member of The Sam’s Club I have a responsibility to average 12 mentions of Green Eggs and Ham per year or licensing for use of the name Sam will be forfeited and declared null and void.


I actually mentioned it twice.


So… now that’s out of the way. I currently sell craft beer for a living. The art major of alcoholic beverages. Right now I’m working remotely in KC, MO. I enjoy hip hop, audiobooking and hacking my way around a golf course. But I ultimately believe facilitating creative outlets is my true passion. Sharing what is going on between the ears for others to see and interpret. Offering my voice to the character Steven in Limited Resources. I’ve already written way too much about me, myself and I. How you doin?

Sam I am.


Michael Eichenseer

Did you scroll down this far? Whoops. Well, if you must know, Michael is our writer... whoops. When he's not too busy wearing his toe shoes or eating his "paleolithic" diet, Michael is deep in the world of virtual reality. The story of Limited Resources is told collectively between the Something Cubed team, Michael happens to be the one stitching the web of weaves together. But his work doesn't hold a candle to the process of actually filming a show in the world of Minecraft. That actually requires effort.

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Arguably the most important member of the SomethingCubed team. Morale and all that. Also his name is "Tater". I mean, c'mon.